Timeless Natural Food Grains and Legumes

If you’re looking for ways to improve your own nutrition and also want to help restore a healthier, more diverse crop population at the same time, you’re going to love these lentils produced by a Montana collective of independent organic farmers working hard to protect disappearing heritage foods.

Timeless Natural Food does its farming in what’s known as the “Golden Triangle,” some of the most fertile land in the West, where they grow an array of tasty specialty grains and legumes like black beluga lentils (named for their resemblance to caviar) and purple prairie barley. The wide variety of crops naturally protect the soil from getting leached of its minerals and also help liven up the palates of the grain and bean lovers who eat them. At your local natural grocery for about $4 per 1-pound bag. Visit the store locator at www.timelessfood.com.

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