ThinkOrganic Bars

If you’ve had your fill of highly processed energy bars that make you feel like you’re eating paste – or like you’ve swallowed your gum – these organic bars from thinkproducts are a great upgrade.

Made with only raw organic fruit and nuts, they deliver real energy in a totally digestible whole-food package. The nuts provide protein and healthy fat to help keep stomach rumbles at bay, and the dried fruits supply plenty of fiber and antioxidants. Plus, there’s no gluten, added sweeteners or preservatives of any kind. Stash a few in your desk drawer to keep you thinking straight during an afternoon slump, or carry some in your briefcase or purse as an alternative to vending-machine fare. Available in a tasty range of flavors: Apricot Coconut, Cashew Pecan, Cherry Nut and Chocolate Coconut. Find them at your local natural grocery for about $1.50 each, or order them by the case for a little less at

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