Theo Chocolate

The noble cocoa bean was once used as currency among Mayan tribes, but in modern times, large-scale industrial cocoa outfits have compromised its rightful value by over-harvesting the plant and under-compensating their workers. Theo Chocolate is a fair-trade organic-chocolate company that takes a more wholesome approach, employing a policy of “fair trade from bean to bar,” so that every participant – from the plant to the harvesters to the employees at its green-energy-powered Seattle factory – is compensated decently and treated respectfully. And all that good karma really pays off in the velvety, antioxidant-rich artisan chocolate, handmade in small batches. Flavors range from comforting milk chocolate to single-source bars that highlight the beans of different regions. We think the mint bar is particularly mind-blowing.

About $5 a bar at your local natural grocery, or order cases and other fair-trade confections at

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