The Voluptuous Vegan

By Myra Kornfeld and George Minot (Clarkson Potter, 2000)

Voluptuous Vegan

“Voluptuous” and “vegan” are too rarely found together in the same sentence, perhaps because the meat- and dairy-free vegan diet has a reputation for being a little Spartan. But Myra Kornfeld — who spent years creating lavish vegetarian fare at New York’s legendary Angelica Kitchen — has made veggies the life of the party in this classic cookbook.

Kornfeld describes myriad ways to bring out the animal in the vegetable kingdom: cooking them down, dressing them up, and combining bright colors and sumptuous flavors into menus in which the meat and dairy are never missed. Heck, you wouldn’t have room for them. Hearty treats like Chili and Corn Biscuit Casserole, Pumpkin-Sage-Pecan Ravioli or Lemon Pudding Cake With Blueberry Glaze put any lingering associations between veganism and deprivation soundly to rest, while still being centered on healthy whole foods that nourish your body. (The collection of maple-sweetened desserts is a parent’s dream.) An excellent addition to the library of any enthusiastic home cook — vegans, vegetarians and lusty carnivores alike — The Voluptuous Vegan is also a handy resource for anyone who wants to lower his or her intake of animal products and take pleasure in the process.

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