The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability

This book may inspire you to reconsider some of your own food choices.

The Vegetarian Myth

Writer, feminist and environmental activist Lierre Keith is intimately familiar with the heated debates that ensue when omnivores and vegetarians face off to defend their respective diets. A vegan herself for nearly 20 years, she staunchly espoused the view that avoiding animal products is a healthier and more sustainable, humane way of eating. But when she fell ill and remained ill for more than a decade, she was forced to rethink her food choices.

Ultimately, she wound up challenging virtually all of her own assumptions, along with a great deal of dietary dogma. This well-researched book is the product of Keith’s probing investigation into what it means to eat ethically, responsibly, compassionately and healthfully. It’s also one woman’s thoughtful explanation of why she decided veganism wasn’t for her.

Whatever your diet, this book will provide you with a deeper understanding of why the vegetarian-omnivore debate is so heated.

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