The Top Healthy Reads of 2014: Readers’ Choice

The holidays are a time for enjoying the blinking lights of a trimmed tree, sipping a delightful seasonal drink (egg nog, anyone?) — and reading best-of lists!

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Each year, we look forward to seeing which of our articles, videos, blogs, and infographics our readers like best. So as in the tradition of years passed, here are your top articles from 2014*:


You were hankering for alternatives to pharmaceutical health interventions, making our “Connecting ADHD and Nutrition” (October 2014) feature the most-read and shared article of the year, and pushing our “Whole-Body Psychiatry: Nutrition for Mental Health” (March 2014) feature into the top 10.


You were also interested in “Overcoming Grain Brain” (December 2014) and “Beating Food Addiction” (March 2014).


A great many of you were cuckoo for the many uses of coconut (oil), loved discovering tips for “Beating Lyme Disease” (July/August 2014), sharing the impacts of your body on soda, and busting “The Calorie Myth” (September 2014).


You were moved to get — and stay — strong in 2014, too, as illustrated by the appearance of these strength-based workouts and fitness-focused features in the most-read list:


Finally, our classic pieces — “The 5 Best Ways to Build Resiliency” (September 2011), “Repair Your Thyroid” (November 2012), and “What Your Body Is Trying to Tell You” (May 2010) clearly stand the test of time as they cracked the top-10 most shared pieces of content for the entire year.

From the entire team of Experience Life, have a happy and healthy New Year — and thanks for reading and sharing!


*This list was calculated based on website and social-media analytics.

is the staff writer for Experience Life.

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