The Tale of the Cluttered Closet, Part II

Digital initiatives director Jamie Martin shares the after photos of her amazing closet makeover — and how she plans to maintain it for the long haul.

Back in September, I wrote Part I of this blog entry, posting an embarrassing photo of my very cluttered and unorganized master closet. I still cringe when I see that picture — and when I think that millions of people may potentially see it now that it’s also printed in the Jan/Feb 2012 issue of Experience Life. Thank goodness for the beautiful “after” photos.

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Post-decluttering extravaganza, I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to maintain the level of order that feng shui and decluttering expert Andrea Gerasimo had put in place. I was excited about the new systems, but would I be able to stick with them? I had, after all, tried organizing the closet — and various other areas of my home — several times with little success.

I’m proud to report, however, that nearly four months later, I’ve stuck with the new systems. In fact, I LOVE them. Instead of tossing clothes or shoes on the floor, I now make a point of putting items back in their rightful homes. When my toddler daughter pulls every tank top out of my bottom dresser drawer (which happens at least once a week), I take the time to refold them and put them away. It doesn’t always happen right away, but it does happen. Progress! My closet is now a happy place. And I’m much calmer when I enter it each morning.

Thumbnail image for Jamie Closet_1.jpgA few things have changed in the closet since August: I swapped out my summer clothes for my fall/winter attire; I moved in my hamper since the closet’s where I always change; I added one more storage bin for my jeans; I decided to use the hooks for my robe AND the purses left after decluttering; and I added a bowl for all the accessories I tend to randomly drop (sunglasses, hair ties, etc.). The changes accommodate my day-to-day lifestyle and help the systems work even better for me.

Now that I’ve kept my closet in order for more than a few months, I’ve gained confidence that I can apply similar systems to various other spaces in my home. Slowly but surely, I’m making my way from area to area. It’s not nearly as fun as when the whole decluttering crew was there to support me, but it’s such a great, freeing feeling to create order out of chaos.

What areas of your homes need decluttering? What prevents you from taking them on?

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