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The Real Culprit Behind Your Food Intolerance or Allergy


If you have problems digesting food, you’ve probably had one or many people tell you that you most likely have a food allergy, most likely to wheat or dairy.

You may, but just because you are having trouble digesting something today doesn’t mean that you are allergic to it and that doesn’t mean that it’s that particular food that is causing the digestive issues either.

Stress affects digestion. Drastically. You could eat the healthiest, most organically grown food in the world, but if you are stressed out your system isn’t going to be able to process it well: think gas, indigestion, and even nutrient depletion!

Many of the most common digestive problems can be cleared simply through stress-free eating and self-care. The more you act with love toward your body and give it what it needs most, the more it will reward you with good health, i.e. energy, clarity, a lean body, and a perfectly working system.

Here is where I say something that could get you riled up a bit…

Stress is a bit of an excuse for being lazy about your focus and attention. 

Now, before you freak out on me, hear me out. I’m not just talking to you, we all use stress as an excuse sometimes (even me). These days, stress is acceptable in our society. It’s almost like a badge of honor. If you have stress that means you must be doing something important.

It’s time to let go of trying to live up to that standard. You are good enough and amazing regardless of your level of stress!

Awareness is the Antidote
The way to right both your digestion and your stress levels is through awareness. You have to be aware that you are doing something in order to change your behavior.

So begin by paying more attention to what is going on in your life when you begin to have digestive issues. Digestive problems usually show up pretty quickly, so the stressor is probably something that is either happening while you eat or shortly before. Or, it’s an ongoing stressor that is more chronic, meaning you are pretty much stressed out all the time.

Once you identify the stressor, look at how you can alleviate the stress. Another reason why people choose to allow stress to affect them—besides that it makes them feel important—is because they think that it will take a lot of time and action to remove the stress, but this is not the case.

Something as simple as making a list of 10 things you appreciate in your life is a great way to shift your focus and relieve stress.

Digestive issues are often the first signal from our bodies that we are misaligned with our greatest good and that we need to refocus our attention so that we can allow our bodies to work as they are made to work.

If you choose to not address the root that is causing the digestive issues and/or try to cover up the problem with a Band-Aid that ignores the underlying issue, you may find some relief but the stress will likely pop up as another physical ailment.

In other words, to simply begin removing foods from your diet, you aren’t targeting the root problem. With digestive issues, the root issue is often tied to fear and anxiety elsewhere in life unrelated to food. Once you work through and heal the underlying issue, you can free yourself of digestive issues for good and there’s a really good chance you will no longer need to avoid certain types of foods any longer.

I speak from experience here. I used to believe I had all kinds of food allergies, but once I worked on myself at a deeper level, my digestive problems went away on their own. This can happen for you too and I can show you how. For more information, visit my Web site.


Sheila Viers is an Emotional Eating Expert, Holistic Life Coach and co-founder of Live Well 360.

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