The Anatomy of a Mac-and-Cheese Dinner

What goes into a typical box of mac and cheese? Phthalates, food dyes, and more.

Mac and Cheese

We’ve all cooked up a handy box of mac and cheese at some time — it’s been many a kid’s favorite meal since the Kraft company first introduced its Kraft Dinners in 1937. Quick, easy, and inexpensive, it’s a go-to option for many parents.

Today, consumers buy more than 2 million boxes of all brands of mac-and-cheese dinners every day. So, when a recent study revealed phthalates in the popular dinners’ powdered cheese, we explored other possible concerns with the boxed meals. Here’s what we discovered.

mac and cheese dinner

is an Experience Life deputy editor. Serena Rutledge, an Experience Life intern, also helped with this piece.

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