The 10 Best of Everything Families

By Susan Magsamen (National Geographic, 2009)

10 Best of Everything Families

Family trips are a terrific way to stimulate a child’s interest in the world, as well as a source of memorable adventure for everyone involved. Still, planning a family-friendly journey that takes advantage of the miles between destinations can be a logistical challenge — unless you’re armed with this information-packed guide from National Geographic. Think of it as a family-friendly companion to your road map, announcing various points of interest in every region of the United States and even a few beyond our borders.

Got a kid who loves skate parks?

You can find ’em.

You can also figure out how to pick blueberries while you’re in Maine, visit the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, or locate where the sea turtles are nesting on the East or West Coast. Read about the 10 best history vacations, sports trips, authors’ homes, places to stargaze, family hikes — the lists go on, making it easy to find activities in every region. You also get travel checklists, “10 best” trip itineraries from traveling families and tips for memory making — from taking a good photo to creating a scrapbook.

Whether you’re driving to the next town for a sports tournament or taking an epic road trip across the country, this guide will help you make the most of every mile.

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