Take Action Challenge
Week 4 Overview: Transform screen time

Resources for your fourth week of the Take Action Challenge — overcome roadblocks, set affirmations, and move forward!

Week 3 Challenge

Overcoming Barriers

  • “I’ve been on the go all day and TV time is my relaxation time.” Though it’s tempting to crash in front of the TV after a long day, spending too much time in front of a screen messes with your metabolism, turns your muscles to mush, and makes unhealthy, mindless snacking way too easy. It also doesn’t give your parasympathetic (“rest and relax”) nervous system a chance to kick in, which can inhibit your sleep later.
  • “A few minutes of exercises isn’t going to do much — if I can’t make time for a real workout, why bother?” As we reviewed in the Week 1 Challenge, squeezing even a few five- to 10-minute activity sessions into your day can make a huge difference in your energy, mood and fitness levels over time.
  • “I don’t watch TV.” Cool! Consider whether you could build these same suggestions into other sedentary times of day, say by building breaks into your computer or desk time.

Willingness Affirmations

  • I am willing to mix up my usual screen routines in the interest of my health and fitness.
  • I am willing to create a space (by moving furniture, putting down a mat, etc.) where I can easily go from watching TV to working out in a matter of seconds.
  • I am willing to take a break from sedentary snacking and notice how I feel about that change.
  • I am willing to explore new ways of relaxing, having fun and “rewarding myself” for working hard.

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