Take Action Challenge
Week 3 Overview: Start and end your days well

Resources for your third week of the Take Action Challenge — overcome roadblocks, set affirmations, and move forward!

Start and End Your Days Well

Overcoming Barriers

  • “I have to much to do and can’t spare this much time.”
    If you need to shorten the process to 15 minutes — or even five — on a given night, that’s fine. Just strive for a longer wind-down tomorrow, and schedule it into your calendar if that helps. A good night’s sleep will net you hours of increased productivity and vitality.
  • “I simply don’t have the energy — I just want to go to bed.” 
    Doing a slow-paced wind-down gets your recovery process started sooner, and ensures you rest more deeply so you’ll have more energy tomorrow. To get the most from your sleep (your body’s repair and recovery time), it’s important to let you “fight-or-flight” chemicals subside and to give your body’s “rest-and-relax” chemicals a little time to do their job. Even a five-minute wind-down can make a big difference if you do it consciously.
  • “I would rather just collapse in front of the TV.”
    The stimulation and distraction of TV won’t prepare your brain and body for good sleep. If TV is a habit, be willing to experiment with another approach. If at all possible, keep TV sets out of the bedroom.

Willingness Affirmations

  • I am willing to set aside time for me.
  • I am willing to experiment with being kinder to myself.
  • I am willing to feel calm, quiet and relaxed — even if it feels weird and unfamiliar at first.
  • I am willing to notice and acknowledge any feelings of resistance (or relief) that come up for me.
  • I am willing to adjust my longstanding habits in the name of serving my health and happiness.

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