Sweetriot Dark Cocoa Nibs

Say it with us, now — chocolate-covered cocoa beans. That’s right: chocolate-covered chocolate!

And best of all, it’s portable. Just a few of these intense little cocoa nibs from Sweetriot pack a satisfyingly big wallop, since what you’re getting is the crunch of the unadulterated beans (and all their heart-healthy antioxidants) coated in dark chocolate to sweeten the deal. All that at only one or two calories per “peace,” as the company calls them. But wait, there’s more: This clever young company partners directly with cocoa farmers in their countries of origin — from Costa Rica to Papua New Guinea — and they’re working to set up local production facilities that pay fair wages so chocolate can support those economies from the inside and out. Available in three degrees of cocoa intensity, ranging from 50 percent (good for beginners) to 70 percent (ideal for more committed  chocophiles). Their unique, reusable and recyclable tins also make handy holders for thumbtacks, safety pins and other stuff. About $4 at your local natural grocery; they’re cheaper by the dozen at www.sweetriot.com.

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