SunLeaf Naturals Dish and Hand Soap

If you’ve ever been to the Minnesota State Fair, you’d know that putting unexpected things on sticks is a matter of local pride. True to its heritage, this Minnesota company has officially one-upped the pizza-on-a-stick with its two-in-one soap bar for the kitchen. Holding the stick, run the bar under hot water as you fill the sink for dishes. (Don’t be fooled by the lack of suds – our testing on some very olive-oily pans showedthat there’s plenty of grease-cutting power.) Then use the bar to wash your hands before you begin your next cooking task. This cool design allows you to eliminate one more source of plastic bottles from your life, and remove one more item that’s cluttering up the area around your sink. Genius! SunLeaf makes its soaps using only essential oils, natural bases like beeswax and soy oil, and no artificial surfactants that might muck up water sources. 

Look for SunLeaf products at natural groceries throughout the Midwest. You can check their store locator at About $6.

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