Suki Naturals Moisturizer

Suki Naturals is one of the world’s cleanest skincare companies (the company has signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, which means their products are just about pure enough to eat), and their minimalist design and low-key herbal fragrancing make many of their products appropriate for both women and men. This golden plant-sourced moisturizer combines antioxidants from carrot and omega-rich primrose oil in a base of jojoba that absorbs directly into dry, fragile skin, nourishing its base layers and restoring elasticity and strength. It also moisturizes deeply while allowing pores to breathe, a nice switch from heavier creams that can sometimes dull your natural radiance. 

Look for this moisturizer, along with other Suki face care and cosmetics, at your local natural market or order from About $30 a bottle.

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