Strong, Fast & Fit: Learning the Ropes (Part II, Month 1)

Your fitness journey starts right here with our new and improved six-month workout program. Welcome to Month 1.

Standing Lunge

Exercisers tend to fall into two categories: those who repeat the same workout every day and those who perform wildly different workouts each time they hit the gym.

Both approaches are infinitely better than no exercise at all. But if you want to squeeze all you can out of your workouts — to feel, look, and perform your best — you need what trainers call periodization.

This approach to fitness programming involves workouts that build systematically on each other, nudging you toward the best condition of your life. That’s what this program does.

In 2017 we published a six-part series called “Strong, Fast & Fit,” designed to help readers make significant progress toward their fitness goals in six months (you can find it here). Readers who completed it achieved excellent results — and wanted more. So we listened and are back with Part II.

From now through the June issue of Experience Life, you’ll see a new monthlong fitness plan, each one designed to push you even further. Along the way, we’ll offer tips on nutrition, mobility, and lifestyle that will support your workout efforts.

I’ll be your guide. Since 2003 I’ve coached an assortment of clients — working parents, college athletes, teenagers, older adults, and many others — on how to get fitter and move better. I’ve written two books and dozens of articles on fitness. And I’ve consulted and interviewed some of the best coaches and experts in the world.

I juggle my passion for fitness with the demands of work and family every day, so I understand that time is always scarce and resources are often limited. In this plan, there’s a reason for every rep.

Stick to the plan, and by June you’ll be stronger and fitter than you’ve been in a long time — possibly ever.

Let’s dive in.

is an Experience Life contributing editor.

Photography by: Kelly Louvered; Styling: Pam Brand; Fitness Modes: Robert Clark and Anna Taylor

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