Top 5 Social Shares of 2015

The most shared articles by our social-media followers in 2015.

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These articles — shared the most by our social-media followers in 2015 — add flavor and antioxidants to your dinner, fix your computer slouch, and prove that kindness matters.


These five healing spices do more than just make your food taste good.



Brené Brown, PhD’s 10 Guideposts for Wholehearted Living are practices that help us authentically find our way through life’s toughest moments.



This kale quinoa salad with red grapes is quick, tasty, and packed with antioxidants. No wonder it was the most shared recipe of 2015.




Two super simple moves that ensure you’re no slouch at the office by getting the kinks out of your back caused from hunching over your computer.


The 24-hour news cycle sometimes makes the world feel mean-spirited, which might be why our followers think it’s cool to be kind.

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Heidi Wachter is the staff writer for Experience Life.

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