Seeds of Change Rice and Grain Blends

You won’t be hiding these prepared meals at the back of your cupboards like the usual boxed fare. Seeds of Change began as an organic seed company that cultivated rare and endangered grains from around the world. It’s now combining these grains into nourishing, savory meals that you can enjoy with considerably less effort, without even digging into the spice cabinet. The simple, deliciously seasoned blends use only whole grains, and most of them are ready to eat in about half the time it takes to prepare brown rice. Enjoy the rice and beans as a meal with a green salad, or cook up the quinoa blend as a delicious side dish with fish or chicken. A great way to experiment with grains you haven’t tried before, and an easy means to get more whole foods on the dinner table in less time. 

Look for them at your local natural grocery for about $3 a box. Check out the full line of organic prepared foods at

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