Rustic Crust Pizza Sauce and Crusts

It’s hard to imagine that making your own pizza could be faster and easier than having one delivered, but the high-quality, shelf-stable pizza-making goodies from Rustic Crust are changing the rules of the game.

Not only can you and the kids put a pie together as easily as finger painting a picture, but you can pile it high with all kinds of healthy ingredients (and skimp on the undesirables) while still scoring points for providing a fun meal. This company sticks to time-tested Italian recipes, mixing refined and whole-grain flours for the crusts (though they also have wheat- and gluten-free varieties) and keeping the fresh tomato sauce simple and flavorful. Both are packaged to be shelf-stable for up to four months, so keep a few on hand for emergency meals — the oven time is less than 10 minutes. Find sauce ($6 for two pizzas) and crusts (about $4 each) at your natural grocery. Find a store locator at

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