Rescue Sleep

Insomnia can be a brutal side effect of stressful times, and a prolonged wakeful stretch may tempt you to turn to over-the-counter treatments.

Unfortunately, most of those drugs can be habit-forming, and they can leave you feeling dull and groggy the next day — hardly the relief from stress you were seeking in the first place. For a low-impact alternative that really works, we like this nonpharmaceutical sleep aid. Rescue Sleep is made from distilled flower essences that were studied originally in the 1930s by an English homeopathic physician named Edward Bach. His Rescue Remedy formula has become universally popular in the last 20 years as a natural treatment for stress. The sleep formula is made to soothe specific thought patterns that keep you awake — with zero side effects. Find it at your pharmacy or local natural grocery; it costs about $11 for the 1-ounce spray. For more information, or to order it online,  visit

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