The Real-Fitness Manifesto

Our best fitness tips to help you move well, recover fully, and achieve your fittest life.

Collage of active people

For the past 18 years, the Experience Life team has interviewed top fitness experts, reviewed countless exercise studies, embarked on individual fitness journeys, and talked with our readers about their own healthy endeavors. In doing so, we have archived a trove of collective knowledge that forms the foundation of EL’s fitness philosophy: Everybody can access, embrace, and personalize movement in some way, regardless of size, shape, skin color, ability, skill, or fitness level. It is not reserved for an elite few.

To create our fitness manifesto, we collected the training advice that is most emblematic, educational, and inspiring. These informational nuggets not only sum up what we believe real fitness is all about, but they also form the backbone of any effective fitness regimen.

This manifesto includes exercise in all its beautiful forms: indoors and out, team sports and solo endeavors, yoga, Pilates, running, cycling, free weights and machines, martial arts, dance, and more. It also covers nutrition, recovery, goal-setting, tracking, intuitive training, and prefab fitness plans. And it’s all designed to empower you to build the kind of program that moves you toward your healthiest, happiest, most satisfying fit life.

There are no “shoulds” here. Choose what suits your fitness level, experience, and preferences — and enjoy!

RKC, MFT-1, is an Experience Life senior editor.

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