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Ready, Set, Unplug!

In honor of the National Day of Unplugging, we’ve pulled together some of our top articles on the healthy rewards of logging out of the online world — and tuning into real life.


For many of us, digital devices and social-media streams have morphed from nifty diversions into absolute necessities. They render us reachable, teachable and employable. They keep us connected with our friends and family. They define us as either plugged in and geeky-cool — or “so 2004.”

But, even for those of us who aren’t full-time techno-addicts, the effects of our multiple devices can be a colossal source of stress. The cell phone ringing during dinner or rounds of weekend work emails can erode relationships and personal time.

Some people have started experimenting with routinely “unplugging” from their devices, and their experiments show that a regular break from electronics can help us plug into some important sources of energy we may have been missing.

Here are some of our top resources for helping you unplug, and for making the most of your gadget-free time:


Tips for preserving your sanity while keeping up with the digital revolution.

You unplugged
Feeling caught in the electrical current? Suggestions for taking a techno-break.


At work, at home, and on the go, you probably spend hours caught in the web. Here’s how to find a healthy balance between your online and your offline lives.

Take a break from technology with a technology-free getaway.

unplugged vacation
Want to come home from your next vacation feeling more deeply revived? Leave your tech gadgets — and habits — at home.

Go completely analog by trading in your digital devices for some old-school fun at adult summer camp.

Did You Know?

mad media
Research suggests that digital multi-tasking — such as watching a movie while checking Facebook — can wreak havoc on your psyche.


A study found that people who read on paper scored better on comprehension tests than those who read on computer screens.

A recent study found that personal mobile activity is causing stress for smartphone users.

The electromagnetic radiation surrounding us — especially from cell phones — may pose unseen dangers to our health. Here are tips for reducing your exposure.

Be your best self when it’s time to get online.

media manners
Suggestions for minding your media manners during digital interactions.

Ready to see what a day without your smart-phone is like? Join the digital blackout on March 9-10, 2018.

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