Quantum Derma Athlete’s Foot Cure

It’s difficult to say which is worse – the itchy discomfort of athlete’s foot or the slimy, powdery mess often used to treat it. Quantum Derma’s natural antifungal formula improves on both.

It’s a dry foot mask that contains a combination of tea tree oil, oregano and tolnaftate, the traditional over-the-counter treatment for athlete’s foot, in a natural clay base. This  base adheres the active ingredients to your feet all day (standing up to socks perfectly well) and accelerates the treatment process. “Complementary” therapies like this one can be a great way to split the difference between natural and conventional treatments; here you get the effectiveness of a time-tested itch cure in a nontoxic herbal compound. About $12 a tube. Find the foot cream and a host of other complementary skin treatments online at www.quantumhealth.com.

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