Proteak Cutting Board

This gorgeous cutting board wins on style and substance.

The stunning good looks of this cutting board come from its source — the tropical teak tree, long treasured for the beauty and durability of its wood. Until recently, most of the world’s teak was sourced from Myanmar, where old-growth forests are rapidly disappearing. But thanks to a company called Proteak, you can now get sustainably harvested teak from Mexico’s Pacific coast. Teak makes an excellent chopping surface because the wood is hard enough to endure years of use, but not so hard that it will dull your knives. Proteak makes a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your particular needs, from end-grain chopping blocks to simple boards. This sturdy block is $78; other prices range from $12 to $180. Available in a variety of home and kitchen stores; find your nearest source at

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