ProBar Meal Bars

We don’t recommend skipping real meals, but when it can’t be avoided, you can do yourself a favor by choosing tide-me-over snacks that are as meal-like as possible.

Instead of reaching for candy or chips, try grabbing one of ProBar’s whole-food meal bars. Each contains a minimum of 15 organic unprocessed ingredients and is packed with protein and fiber. The real-food foundation consists of oats and peanut or almond butter without any added stabilizers. They’re also relatively low in sugar (only 22 grams per bar), so you won’t get the inevitable spike and crash of more processed foods. The flavors include familiar combos (apples and cinnamon, banana and nuts) and wilder combinations like the “superfood slam” (açaí berries, dark chocolate and live greens). About $3 a bar at your local natural grocery; order by the case from

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