Perky’s Nutty Flax

Breakfast can be a tough time of day for a healthy eater, and tougher still for the gluten intolerant, since most conventional morning fare (cereal, bagels, toast, pastries) is based on grains that can trigger unpleasant reactions.

We’re happy to report that this tasty Nutty Flax cereal from Perky’s Natural Foods won’t fire up anyone’s food sensitivities, whether they’re caused by gluten, wheat, soy, nuts or corn. Crunchy and light, the nutty puffs are made from sorghum flour, flaxseeds, honey, raisin juice concentrate and salt — that’s it. Best of all, with 425 mg of omega-3s per bowl, you get your essential fatty acids right off the bat, and your belly, brain and heart are all off to a roaring start. Terrific mixed into yogurt with fresh fruit, this cereal is available at most natural grocery stores; about $4.50 for a 12-ounce box. Check out the large selection of allergy-friendly breakfast foods from Perky’s sister company at

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