Periodization: The Art of Fitness Timing

Are you going through the motions and settling for so-so results? Maybe you need a master plan – and a mesocycle.

Update 2005:

One way that Experience Life has sought to differentiate itself during the past few years is by offering amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts access to elite training techniques, including periodization.

Periodization, which we first wrote about in the July/August 2003 issue, parcels workouts into weeklong micro-cycles, monthlong mesocycles and yearlong macrocycles. Performance athletes use periodization to wring the best results from their strength and cardio-endurance training. You can use it to bust up workout ruts and maximize fitness gains.

For more advice on periodization training, check out Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training (Human Kinetics Publishers, 1999) by Tudor O. Bompa, and Periodization Breakthrough! The Ultimate Training System (Advanced Research Press, 1996) by Steven Fleck, PhD, and William Kraemer, PhD. Click here for the full version of this story.

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