@PeopleTree’s #Fashiontakesaction Winner!

Digital content specialist, Casie Leigh Lukes, on her #fashiontakesaction win from @PeopleTree.

In a previous post, I wrote about entering People Tree’s “Fashion Takes Action” contest with the hopes of winning money to go towards purchasing clothing from their ethical company (£25 for 20 winners and a grand prize of £500 for one winner). To participate, I created a Pinterest Board and filled it with pins of articles I’ve read on fashion (tragedies, improvements, fast-fashion and companies that are transforming the fashion industry), and posts I’ve written on the subject. I also began researching more companies that create ethical, sustainable and gorgeous clothing.

The tagline for my board read:

“I believe fashion should be sustainable, pretty, fun, interesting, classy, bohemian, inspiring. It shouldn’t be something that puts the buyer in debt, stress on the environment or suppresses the creators. It should be wholesome and lovely, spicy, saucy, and cozy. Above all it should be empowering—for those who wear each piece, and those who craft them.”

I continue to feel more strongly about ethical fashion each day. Despite growing awareness by consumers, tragedies like the Bangledesh factory fires aren’t going away. There are real people in those spaces, with friends, families and dreams. Those same people have “literally died at their sewing machine” according to “Heather White is Keeping Fast Fashion in Check with Her Boots on the Ground” (posted December 5 2013). White advocates for responsible supply chain practices. Creating an awareness of these processes, as well as creating a place for myself to go more in-depth with these issues, was a root reason I participated in this contest. (And yes, winning clothes is a perk too!)

Creating the board was so fun, and it is now a landing place I can refer back to and direct others to as I continue to learn about this industry. All of this in itself was an enriching experience, but the best part was…

I WON £25 to put towards their awesome, ethical, stylish, wonderful clothing!!

#Fashiontakesaction Winner
From People Tree’s site: I’m in the #7 slot! So pumped!









A few of the items I’ve got my eye on:


People Tree Cardigan
I absolutely adore this sweater. The colors, shape and pattern is fabulous.













People Tree Shirt
I love the length of the sleeves on this, the detail of the bow on the neckline…and I’m always a sucker for stripes.













People Tree Jacket
This is such a classy, lovely shape for a jacket, while still being vintage.













People Tree Pajama Pants
I love the color and pattern of these pajama pants from People Tree.






















Check back for more updates to see if I won the grand prize and for photos of what I put the money towards! For more posts on Unedited about ethical clothing don’t miss these: A Quest for Ethical Shopping: Down the Bunny Trail, Garment Self-Sufficiency,Garment Self-Sufficiency Follow-Up: Sewing Underwear Out of a T-shirt, Newest Product Trials, and Math and Ethical Fashion.

Do you have a favorite ethical brand or item from a sustainable fashion company? Tell us about it here!

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