Peace Cereal

This cereal doesn’t require you to pour milk and write a check to a nonprofit group at the same time, but essentially it accomplishes just that.

Think of it as a kinder, gentler form of multitasking. Peace Cereal’s parent company allocates a full 10 percent of profits to its foundation for peace-promoting projects, from art programs in low-income schools to healthcare in developing nations. They source the majority of their cereal grains and spices from organic farmers, and they make high-fiber, super-tasty breakfast cereals that will promote peace at home — especially between health-conscious parents and the sugar-cereal set. From classic raisin bran to crowd-pleasing blends like Mango Passion, there’s a healthy taste to suit every bowl and a healthy contribution to a good cause to go with it. About $5.50 a box at your local natural grocery; you can learn more about the company at

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