Palette Fine Foods Condiments

Well-chosen condiments can add flavor and beauty to simple meals with minimum effort or expertise, and these treats from Palette Fine Foods are especially handy if you’re trying to train your palate to enjoy the subtler pleasures of whole foods or healthier fare in general.

This small company makes a line of delicious gourmet complements to jazz up your daily standards, from the richly hued lavender-infused honey pictured here (delicious in a cup of tea or drizzled on yogurt) to a range of unique fruit preserves and spice rubs. Transform a simple cheese sandwich with black pepper and fig preserve, or spice up your Tuesday-night chicken with a cinnamon chili rub — great ways to satisfy all your senses without compromising a healthy bottom line. The lavender honey is about $8 a jar; find it at your local fine grocery, or check out the full line of products at

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