Our Top 10 Articles of 2014: Team Picks

A roundup of our team members’ favorite reads from our 2014 archive.


Each year we publish 10 issues chock full of cutting-edge health, fitness, and healthy-living information. Each issue provides an array of cooking tips and delicious recipes, ideas for reducing stress and prioritizing our busy lives, and interviews with cover subjects who’s stories and health journeys we hope you’ll find interesting and inspiring. While we think they’re all worth a read (and hope you’ll agree!), here are a few standouts from the past year as chosen by our staff.

Founding editor Pilar Gerasimo’s top pick for 2014 is the FOLIO: award nominated, “Decoding Health Media,” because she believes digital-media literacy is a new health basic. She says, “We’re getting more of our health information digitally — not just from news and science outlets, but also from blogs, apps, social-media streams, and a wide assortment of minimally edited ‘content aggregators,'” and, “Increasingly, we scan rather than read. We may ‘like,’ share, and comment on media we’ve barely processed. And we may find ourselves overwhelmed by the conflicting data and opinions with which we’re bombarded on a daily basis.”

Beating-Lyme Disease

Graphic designer Jenny Jacobson’s favorite article from 2014 is “Beating Lyme Disease.” She says she had lyme disease as a kid and really related to the subject matter, but also really enjoyed the illustrations — especially on the iPad version of the digital edition, where they are animated.


Managing editor Michael Dregni found inspiration in two of our fitness features. He says “Putting Kids Back into Kids’ Sports” includes cutting-edge reporting on a topical — but often overlooked — issue that affects most children, “including my own.”

Dregni says that Chris Ballard’s “Learning from Injury” is “a beautifully written personal account filled with humor and insight that offers a message for everyone.”


Senior director of content Jamie Martin loves everything about “Beyond the Harvest: Five Ways Gardens Support Your Health,” from the visuals to the data to the tips for incorporating gardening into your own life.


After a year in which the loss of a precious loved one touched her life — and the lives of many friends and colleagues — Martin says she found comfort and helpful tips from “The Art of Condolence.”


Creative director Lydia Anderson says that our “No Boundaries: Overcoming Codependence” feature is one of her two favorites from the past year, and she loves both its design and content.


Anderson’s other favorite article is “Seeing Red: Anger Management,” which offers sage advice for cooling the fire that burns within all of us and provides tips for learning to productively use this essential, even creative, emotion.


Mocktail, anyone? Digital content specialist Casie Leigh Lukes says she enjoyed this whimsical and beautiful piece that provided many yummy non-alcoholic drink options.


Casie also enjoyed “Overcoming Grain Brain” by David Perlmutter, MD, because it shows that eating well doesn’t have to suck the joy out of life (or food), and provides information on how changing our food choices can improve our health and reduce our chances of getting chronic diseases.

She also notes that her husband made the coconut bursts and eggs benedict with zucchini pancakes, and they were both delicious!

Heidi Wachter is the staff writer for Experience Life.

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