Organize Your Life

By Ronni Eisenberg with Kate Kelly (John Wiley and Sons, 2007)

Organize your Life

If you regularly lose your keys on your way out the door and misplace your mail on the way in, you’re not alone. Author and time-management specialist Ronni Eisenberg views this forgetfulness as a symptom of the postmodern predicament: As we work more, we have more stuff and less time — hence, clutter.

Her book has one clear goal:

Eliminate clutter and regain personal time, much of which gets burned up every time something gets misplaced or forgotten.

Eisenberg’s long list of no-nonsense strategies is designed to help you develop some basic time-management skills so you can prioritize your tasks and reclaim your free time. She also outlines action plans for everything from desk and kitchen organization to planning manageable holidays. Sidebars offer quick advice for desperate situations, like dealing with a stolen wallet or unexpected houseguests. It’s both helpful and a bit humbling to be reminded that planners should be checked every day and lunches can be made the night before, but there’s no shame in taking a refresher course in the benefits of a well-organized life. Especially if you add up the time spent looking for your keys and mail and realize it could amount to a much-needed day off.

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