Organic Eden Blend Rice and Soy Beverage

All soymilk is not created equal. Many use cheap soybeans blended with refined sweeteners and/or soy protein isolate, an ingredient that requires heavy-duty chemical extraction – not exactly the ingredients one expects in such a seemingly virtuous product. This delicious beverage, however, sticks to the high road. It combines Eden’s time-tested, high-quality organic soymilk with amazake , a traditional Japanese porridge made from fermented brown rice. The fermentation process releases the natural sugars, which makes the rice sweet but leaves it complex enough for a low-glycemic count; it also produces natural enzymes that help offset the digestive challenge of straight soybeans. The taste is truly superior – smooth, slightly sweet, not the least bit beany – a soymilk you’ll actually want to put in your tea, over cereal or in smoothies.

Find it at your local natural grocery for about $2.50. And learn more about this venerable natural food company at

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