Olympic Granola Bars

About seven years ago, these yummy wheat- and dairy-free Olympic Granola bars were available only at a few farmers’ markets and food co-ops on the Olympic peninsula in Washington. The family business has expanded a bit since then, and last year the Sierra Club named these ultra-simple granola bars one of the two best trail bars available anywhere. Success doesn’t seem to have complicated the bars much, however. Delicious and chewy, these little protein-dense numbers are made from whole foods only: rolled oats, honey, roasted nuts and flaxseeds. There’s a nice variety of flavors (the espresso almond is like having your coffee and cookie in one bite), but none add anything more complicated than a chocolate chip or maybe a few herbs. Full of protein and fiber, with just enough sweetness to boost your energy without dropping it off a cliff an hour later, these make the perfect take-along snack. Pack them for a hike in the woods or keep a few in your backpack or desk drawer for midafternoon sustenance. 

Look for them at your natural market for about $3 a bar, or order by the case at www.olympicgranola.com.

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