Naturally Clean Kitchen Spray

Household cleaning products leave behind residues in important places – food counters, bathroom sink taps, door handles – where small hands and mouths can easily come in contact with them.

All the more reason to clean with simple products that are easy on your family and the environment. Naturally Clean nontoxic plant-enzyme-based products work by breaking down common household gunk like dirt and grease into substances more effortlessly cleaned by good old water. Their enzymes are classified as “hospital grade” (they’re commonly used for cleaning surgical instruments, which should appeal to anyone’s compulsive side) and are formulated for various kinds of dirt: grease in the kitchen, mildew in the bathroom, food stains on clothing and so on. There are five products in all; try the whole collection for $25 from Or grab a single 16-ounce bottle for about $6 at most natural markets.

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