Nantucket Offshore Spice Blends

Crafting your own tantalizing spice blends can be fun, but you can’t beat the convenience of having a few spice mixes ready to go, especially if you’re short on time or kitchen finesse. These all-natural, sugar- and salt-free spice blends from Nantucket Offshore are like having a little extra cooking time tucked away in a tin. They instantly add deep flavor to fish, chicken, red meat and vegetables while requiring kitchen skills no more complex than those of a finger painter. Flavors range from the basic (a rub for beef with mustard and peppercorns) to the adventuresome (a Southwest rub with ancho chilies and chocolate) and make a terrific base for marinades and stew seasonings, as well. An easy way to add zest to your culinary creations and increase the pleasure of eating at home.

We found these at our local natural grocery, but you can select and order from the whole line at About $5 for a 2.5-ounce tin.

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