Most-Read Articles of 2015

Five articles that interested our readers most this year.

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Our  team always looks forward to finding out what stories resonate with our readers. Here are the five most-read articles from the past year:


“Healthy Gut, Healthy Brain”
A neurologist explains the power of your microbiome to heal and protect your brain.


“In Their Prime”
Think beauty fades after 40? These nine honest, beautiful portraits will make you think again.


“The Upside of Downtime”
The scientific case for doing nothing more often — and its surprising rewards.

“Blue Mind
Why being around water is so good for our psyches.


“Feed Your Joints”
Are your joints giving you trouble? Eating strategically can ease pain and minimize future damage.

TELL US: Did your favorite article make the list?

Heidi Wachter is a staff writer for Experience Life.

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