Mix1 Protein and Antioxidant Drinks

Lots of protein drinks rely on ingredients that are born in a laboratory.

Mix1 makes its super-natural drinks with three servings of fresh fruits and 15 grams of high-quality whey protein per bottle. Soluble fiber helps stabilize blood sugar and support good digestion, and a little pure olive oil provides healthy fats that are critical to polyphenol absorption. (Did we mention the incredible payload of polyphenols in these babies?) Net result: sustained energy and muscle fuel in a highly nutritious, 200-calorie package. The glycemic load of these drinks is considerably lower than average: With 22 grams of sugars  (from organic, fair-trade sugar, cane juice and concentrated fruit juices) per 8-ounce serving, this drink contains about two-thirds the sugar of fresh apple juice. Find all five flavors (mango, blueberry-vanilla, mix berry, lime and tangerine) at better markets. About $2 per bottle. Visit www.mix1life.com for more information.

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