Method Multi-Surface All Purpose Cleaner

Don’t let its innocent all-natural profile fool you: This biodegradable, petroleum- and chemical-free surface cleaner from Method is as tough on filth as its nastier, conventionally formulated counterparts. Made with surfactants derived from sugar beets, and grease cutters from soda ash, its cleaning power is terrific. Plus, it does its dirty work without sending a bunch of toxic chemicals down the drain or creating the usual cloud of noxious fumes. Many Method surface cleaners are lightly scented with unusual fragrances – like this one in ginger yuzu – that have earned them their own fan clubs. The subtle tropical scent lingers only a few seconds longer than it takes you to wipe that scum off the counter, though, so you don’t end up with an annoying scent that fights with your favorite food aromas. A great way to clean up your cleaning-product collection and have fun doing it.

About $5 a bottle at Whole Foods or Target; see for more information.

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