Mestemacher Whole-Grain Rye Bread

Whole-kernel rye delivers a host of phytonutrients, slow-absorbing digestive characteristics and other positive properties that wheat does not.

A Finnish study of subjects with metabolic syndrome demonstrated that replacing carbs from wheat, potatoes and oats with rye had a positive impact on the expression of genes that influence a variety of inflammation-based chronic diseases. These dense, moist loaves from Mestemacher are made exclusively from organic, whole-grain rye with a healthy dose of seeds. You get plenty of flavor, texture and heart-healthy fiber — and no wheat or yeast. Unopened loaves will stay fresh for weeks, so you can keep this healthy treat on hand at work or while traveling. Thin slices pair beautifully with creamy cheeses, tuna salad, or even good old peanut butter and jelly. Available with organic sunflower seeds, flaxseeds or linseeds. About $5 a loaf at better groceries; find recipes at

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