Me & Goji Custom Artisanal Cereal

Tired of picking the raisins out of your cereal Always wish there were more almonds Me & Goji is the food particularist’s dream: a custom cereal company that allows you to mix your own blends.

They offer more than 60 organic ingredients you can blend as you please — from quinoa flakes, flaxseeds and dried golden-berries to more-dependable standbys like raisins and cornflakes. Once you’ve refined your favorite mix, they’ll keep it on record so you can reorder with ease. They also offer several ready-made blends; these too can be edited at will. The cereal is shipped in tall, stylish canisters (the equivalent of two regular boxes of cereal) that arrive within a week. Prices vary — from $5 to $18 for a “fully loaded” mix. The average price for custom blends is about $12, or less than a buck a bowl — about the same as many organic varieties you’ll find at the store. Order from

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