Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Express

By Mark Bittman (Simon & Schuster, 2009)

Mark Bittman's Kitchen Express

The fabulous new book from the bestselling author of How to Cook Everything could just as easily be called “How to Cook Everything, Fast.” Bittman groups his 404 recipes by season and points out that he chops slower than anyone he knows, so when he says you can get these dishes on the table in 20 minutes, he’s not exaggerating.

His “kitchen express” style is about three things: speed, flexibility and relaxation, so there aren’t many ingredients and he doesn’t expect you to measure them precisely. Their flavor relies on quality: in-season fresh vegetables, well-chosen oils and condiments, and good proteins like beans, tofu and sustainably raised meats. Together, these dishes — ranging from crab cakes to spicy greens with croutons and eggs to pan-fried herb chicken — serve up a double helping of flavor and nutrition, and prove that these bases can be covered fast, without fuss. Bittman also provides some handy lists: quick-cooking standbys for the cupboard, fridge and freezer; several dishes that double as quick appetizers; and a collection of various seasonal sample menus so you’re ready for anything on the fly, from a weeknight dinner party to a holiday blowout. A great tool to help you cook smarter, not harder, and eat healthier as a result.

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