Lundberg Family Farms Organic Wild Rice

Nebraska natives Albert and Francis Lundberg saw firsthand the ravages of poor soil management and short-sighted farming techniques during the Dust Bowl years of the early 20th century. So when the couple moved to northern California in 1937, they vowed to take a more environmentally conscious approach. Lundberg Family Farms, now operated by the couple’s four sons, grows high-quality, sustainably produced rice, including this line of organic wild rice. A warm, nutty and delicious treat, wild rice is gluten-free and has twice the amount of protein as brown rice. It’s also higher in vitamin B and potassium. 

Find this and other Lundberg products at your local natural grocery for about $5 a bag. For more on Lundberg Family Farms, visit Learn more about how to prepare and enjoy wild rice in Inspired Kitchen in the January/February 2009 archives.

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