Le Grand Pesto

Pesto is an indispensable go-to item for the hurried cook. A dollop of this delicious, herb-based sauce works wonders, making the flavor of just about any food – from succulent salmon to steamed broccoli – come fully to life. And since pestos are made from fresh, raw ingredients like herbs and nuts, they add nutritional value to your meal. If you don’t have enough time to make your own, these ingeniously packaged, cold-processed raw sauces from Le Grand, a small artisanal company in Montreal, will be a welcome presence in your fridge. Their motto is “slow food in less time,” and with flavors ranging from classic basil pesto to lemon confit with pumpkin seed, they promise some simple, fast meals worth lingering over.

Find them at Whole Foods for about $10 a pouch. Check out their other delicious sauces at www.maisonlegrand.com.

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