Larenim Powder Foundation and Brush

Government testing has linked many cosmetic ingredients to everything from skin irritation to hormone disruption and cancer, so we think any product that sits on your skin all day should be as clean as can be.

That’s why we’re fans of all-natural, mineral-based makeups — a great alternative to the mysteries of the unregulated cosmetics industry. You still have to read the labels, though: Now that mineral-makeup sales are booming, some companies are cutting corners. Larénim’s not one of them. Their products contain no chemical additives and are free of pore-clogging talc, a common base for conventional cosmetics that can wreak havoc on your skin. The handy two-in-one loose powder foundation evens out tone without weighing down your skin. Larénim also makes a full line of lipsticks, mascara and eye shadows for plenty of low-risk glam. Foundation and brush about $25 each; full line at

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