Kopali Organics Supergood Superfoods

These little sacks of snacks from Kopali Organics hold an assortment of edible treasures – from slices of succulent dried mango to chocolate-dipped goji berries. All of this makes getting your phytonutrients and antioxidants easy and delicious – and the good vibes reach well beyond your rejuvenated cells. The Kopali brand is a joint endeavor between Whole Foods, a Costa Rican permaculture project and a coalition of small farmers from across Central America working to support and expand the number of growers who use sustainable methods in the midst of an otherwise environmentally endangered region. The rewards are considerable: more sustainable livelihoods in the region and better health for both farmers and consumers. Stash these high-quality munchies within reach (a desk drawer, gym bag, glove compartment) for a healthy pick-me-up – and savor the positive karma while you nibble.

About $5 a bag at natural groceries. Learn more about the project at www.kopali.com.

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