Kashi “U” Cereal

Kashi makes a number of tasty goodies from its seven-grain and sesame blend, and in their “U” cereal they combine the grains with walnuts and freeze-dried currants for a fast, nutrient-packed morning meal. It’s fortified with extra vitamin D and calcium for bone strength, walnuts supply omega-3 fats, currants provide antioxidants and vitamin C, and the seven-grain flakes offer a whopping dose of fiber. In addition to covering just about every nutrient necessity, this cereal tops your typical granola on taste, too – the tart-sweet crunch of the freeze-dried currants is oddly delightful. Also nice: The box is printed on recycled cardboard with vegetable ink. After it’s empty, just toss it into the compost pile.

About $5 a box at your natural market; order from www.kashi.com.

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