Jurlique Body-Care Products


By now you know how much we love a clean profile on body-care products, and we’re delighted to find that this Australian line for skin renewal meets even our high standards.

Not only does Jurlique stick to pure, natural ingredients, using essential oils for fragrance and avoiding all parabens, petrochemicals and mineral oil, but their botanical products are grown in accordance with biodynamic farming methods. This means that in addition to being grown organically, most of the plants are also harvested in coordination with waxing and waning phases of the moon, which maximizes the density of desirable chemical compounds available in leaves and blossoms (or, conversely, in the roots), and amplifies the healing properties of the end product. Bottom line: More good stuff gets passed along to your face, and in terms of effectiveness, the products really deliver. Available in some natural pharmacies and beauty aisles and also online at www.jurlique.com. Prices average between $25 and $50 for daily care products like those shown; some of the skin renewal serums run higher.

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