COMING CLEAN: Inspirational Stories: Kelli Merritt

Life Time massage therapist Kelli Merritt was back at Commitment Day. Way to go, Kelli!

kelli merrittI don’t like to play favorites, because there are so many great success stories in our magazine, but Kelli Merritt’s is one I’ll always remember. After being diagnosed with MS, Merritt, a massage therapist at Life Time, trained for a 5K. She completed the first annual Commitment Day in two hours and six minutes, with the aid of her walker.

As she told writer Joe Hart: “It was my way of taking hold of my MS. If I could tackle this 5K, I could tackle anything that MS could do to me. I could prove that I may have MS, but it doesn’t have me.”

I met Kelli at this year’s Commitment Day, and was so happy to see her back at it. Then I immediately thought, “Why did I hesitate in signing up for this again?” If Kelli is here, we should all be here! Way to go, Kelli!

Read her story here. If you missed Delane Cleveland’s report from Kelli’s first round of training, check out the video below.


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