In Mint Shape

Why peppermint is more than just a pretty fragrance.

Benefits of Peppermint Oil

Peppermint may provide more than just a flavorful zing in your tea or toothpaste: A series of studies have found that peppermint aroma has the ability to increase both cognitive and athletic abilities. One 2001 study, conducted by the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, had 40 athletes perform a series of physical tasks, once with a peppermint odorized adhesive strip under the participant’s nose and another round with an odor-free adhesive strip. Peppermint was found to increase running speed as well as handgrip and upper-body strength (the aromatherapy had no effect on skill-related tasks, however, such as shooting a basketball).

In addition, peppermint odor significantly reduced perceived physical effort and frustration, and the participants rated their energy higher and exhaustion lower.

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